The essential skills your teams need to grow and build on their strengths

Our HR, Management and bespoke business courses are tailored to your business through a consultation process with our experienced HR professionals. These can be delivered in  2 hour, 4 hour or full day workshops depending on the content you feel is needed to meet your business objectives.

Whether you require extensive change management support in your business, or a refresher customer service training program for your frontline staff; we are able to provide you with a bespoke solution to meet you goals.

A selection of training programs are below, however please contact us, or call 1800 505 529 to arrange a consultation with our Senior HR Consultant to explore and scope further your training requirements.

Facilitating Performance Management

  • What is Performance Management
  • What isn’t Performance Management
  • Reasons for Underperformance
  • How this affects productivity
  • The impact of Good Communication Skills
  • Appropriate questioning for performance and action planning

Delivering Effective Presentations

  • Discuss the importance of delivering effective presentations from a contemporary/best practice perspective
  • Identify the steps to developing and delivering effective presentations
  • Deliver a short presentation
  • Complete a self-evaluation and identify ways to improve delivery of a presentation

Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Define the feedback process
  • Develop communication strategies to achieve positive outcomes when giving feedback
  • Develop communication strategies to ensure wellbeing is maintained when receiving feedback

Quality Customer Service

  • Identify what good customer service is
  • List who our customers are Identify why positive relations with co-workers are so important
  • Identify the components of good customer service
  • Summarise YOUR responsibilities/actions regarding good customer service

Cultural Awareness

  • Define cultural awareness from a contemporary perspective
  • Develop knowledge and awareness of diversity in relation to colleagues and clients
  • Develop skills, attitudes and values to embrace and optimise individual differences

Stress Management

  • Define what stress is
  • Identify the consequences of stress on the individual and workplace
  • Identify positive strategies and techniques for managing stress

Mental Health

  • Raise your awareness in how to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health & actions you can take in support of mental health issues
  • Increase your knowledge of the possible causes or risk factors of mental health
  • Increase your awareness of evidenced based medical & psychological mental health issues
  • Increase skills in how to give appropriate initial help and support someone experiencing a mental health issue.